The two weeks before the New Year are typically slow, so not much to report…Hit “more” for news on cartoons, the DMZ TV show, and more. Let’s look at this trailer and then click the break for news.

DMZ TV.  I enjoyed some of the trade paperbacks of DMZ (I read all of them), but at times the series seemed to meander.  Still, it seems like it would make a great TV show.  And Brian Wood agrees.  So much so that he’s reviving his 8-page pitch for a series and making it available to the public on his tumblr site.

DC NATION RETURNS JANUARY 5, 2013.  HONEST!  My DVR picked up an old Green Lantern episode under the title “Young Justice” a few months ago.  I hate Green Lantern.  Cartoon Network pulled the DC Nation cartoon without even warning the DVR schedule.  I never found out why, but come January 5, both GL and Young Justice return with new episodes.  The Lantern ep actually sounds interesting—it’s steampunk—so I may have to set aside my hatred for clunky computer animation and all things Green Lantern and check it out.  More importantly, Young Justice will be back at 10:30AM beginning a new season, titled “Invasion,” and accompanied by the DC shorts that I love more than the shows themselves.

DISNEY XD’S ULTIMATE SPIDER-MAN IS ALSO COMING BACK.  January 21 at 7pm.  Yes, it’s now scheduled for Monday nights.  And there’s no indication that the wonderful shorts (like Marvel Mash Ups) will be returning.

CONGRATULATIONS COMIXOLOGY.  On being the third-highest-grossing app in 2012.  This bodes well for digital comics, no?

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2.  I really can’t understand why more people weren’t screaming about how terrible the ASM movie was.  I mean, if you’re even a passing Spidey fan and have read ten or twenty comics, you could tell it was horrible.  Now, Jamie Foxx has said that his Electro in the sequel won’t have a green-and-yellow costume.  Mark Millar, who has written some pretty boss Spidey comics, is now managing all Marvel movies put out by Fox.  Mark, please don’t screw this one up.  Make right what was made wrong.  I’m begging you.

AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 700.  And speaking of Spidey, as soon as issue #700 leaked, writer Dan Slott got a death threat on Twitter.  Which, wisely, he reported to the cops.  Guys, I don’t really like the idea of cancelling the series either, but don’t be d!cks about it.  Seriously.  And by the way, we’re talking about leaks of comic books now?  Wow.

CAPTAIN MARVEL #9.  Starts a new arc.  Good jumping on point for a very good new series.