#181. The one with Gyrich on the cover.

This is primarily an “old order changeth” episode, but it’s interesting to note the splash page, which features Beast and Wonder Man watching Errol Flynn’s Robin Hood on the big screen.  The two characters became best friends in the comic, but more importantly Wonder Man professes confusion about why people would watch movies.  But in just over a year’s worth of future issues, Wonder Man would become an actor himself.  And soon after that he’d quit the Avengers to go Hollywood.

The Avengers’ cast had indeed become unwieldy.  You can understand why old Henry was concerned.  It wasn’t just because someone left the door open a few issues ago.  It was an issue of controlling the number of folks with Avengers priority IDs.

This is such a great issue, it’s hard to pick a few panels to talk about.  I could have picked the one where Falcon begrudgingly agrees to be the “token” member.  Or Beast and Wonder Man fighting off the mansion’s new security systems.  Or John Byrne’s truly beautiful one full pager–which the cover is based on–showing all the current members and hangers on, along with the Guardians of the Galaxy, all staring down Gyrich.  But I went with the new lineup announcement:

This was David Michelinie’s first issue on a stint that would include some pretty neat stories.  Stay tuned, you’ll see.