man of steel #1
Both my studies of Avengers and Fantastic Four are stuck in mid-1990s hell. I need some very good classic comics to read. And I think I want to look at a DC book, since I’m doing two Marvel ones. But Superman and Batman are both pretty bad for very long stretches…And I don’t own them. So, what to do?

Enter this wizard collection, available for about twelve bucks per volume at Amazon: The Complete John Byrne Superman. At a time when Superman had gotten stale, and far too powerful, DC realized they needed a reboot.

Other than a great, phonebook-sized collection of Golden Age Superman books, my exposure to Superman was either in the pages of JLA or Christopher Reeve’s version. This was the first Superman comic I bought religiously–and it was mostly because Byrne was my favorite writer/artist at the time. He’s still in my top 10.

He started with “Man of Steel,” a six-issue mini that “reintroduced” the character after Marv Wolfman “collapsed” the DCU in Crisis on Infinite Earths.  It retold the origin and early years, but it wasn’t a full reboot.  It was more of a tweak.

I loved these books when they came out. Let’s see how they stand up.