It’s opening weekend for GI Joe, and I probably won’t be at the theaters for medical reasons—and I’m sad about that.  I’ll pretty much see any action series with Willis and The Rock: Both usually don’t disappoint, and I liked the first one quite a bit.  Lotsa fun.  But the screenwriters, Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, have also made the news for other reasons.  First, they wrote Zombieland, a fabulous dark satire of zombie movies that is being adapted for a TV series (which won’t be nearly as good as Walking Dead, I’m sure).  Second, their script for the Deadpool movie leaked on line, and they’re cool with it.  Actually, it sounds like they might have leaked it themselves, as Fox is still saying they won’t produce it because it’s an R-rated superhero movie.
Hello?  Kick-Ass, anyone?
More news below.

NECESSARY EVIL.  This is what should happen when a major media conglomerate (such as Disney) buys a major comic-book company (such as Marvel).  Warner Bros. is helping DC make a documentary about DC’s villains.  Early press indicates incorporation of fan cosplay and interviews with the creators (all of which will be conducted at NYCC).  If they do a good job with this—getting into the details of the creation of the characters, truly covering thing like artistic conflicts with editorial—it could be great.  If it’s just an informercial (“This is Sinestro!  He does stuff with a power ring!), it’ll be dull as paint.  Title-wise, Necessary Evil is okay.  But Bring on the Bad Guys is better.  Too bad Marvel got there first.

AVENGERS: ENDLESS WARTIME.  Marvel’s “Season One” hardcover line was apparently a big success.  Me, I wasn’t interested in reading (yet another) take on the origins of various Marvel stars.  I’m burned out on that.  But when Warren Ellis and Mike McKone team up for an original story featuring my favorite comic book team that isn’t Nextwave, I’m so there.  The book will feature the major Avengers (Captain America, Thor, and Iron Man), and some kind of Thor-related threat.  It goes on sale in October for $25.
VENOM is the best Marvel book nobody is talking about.  Solid, entertaining superheroics month after month.  The only complaint I have is that there’s too much inner dialog.  Show, don’t tell.
WALKING DEAD RISK AND MONOPOLY.  There’s no possibility that I wouldn’t enjoy playing these, which are both coming out in September.
1960s BATMAN DIGITAL COMIC.  Jeff “Thunderbolts” Parker and Jonathan “The Creep” Case will create a digital first comic called “Batman ‘66” that will be based on the Adam West TV version.
IRON MAN 3.  Is coming in May.  It looks to be much better than IM2, which was kinda…Meh.
NOVA AND GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY.  I was very underwhelmed by both of these recent #1s—and Bendis wrote Guardians as the premise for a Marvel movie, so it should have been much better.  But Jeph Loeb is leaving Nova and, with issue #6, it will be written by Zeb Wells, who is bringing along Paco Medina for the art chores.  See, now I’m interested.

GRANT MORRISON’S ACTION COMICS RUN IS OVER.  Issue #19, which wrapped up the mind-bending Mxy-related storyline, was his last one.  It’s too bad, too, because like some of his best work, the series was trippy, wild, and often confusing as you read it but it looks tremendous in the rearview mirror.  Andy “The Losers” Diggle was supposed to take over, but he decided not to do business with DC at this time.  Unclear why.  So instead the book is being handed off to Tony Daniels, who is pretty much a workmanlike hack.  It’s off my pull list.