paul pope woman in a box

IMG_2613Solo ran for a year, in 2006.  It was an anthology in which DC offered celebrated creators the chance to play with the DC toolbox.  The results were surprising.  It was a great opportunity for some guys who were unknowns to get their works out there.

Others used the opportunity to promote their other work–like the great Sergio Aragones.

Every issue was a surprise.

Many went the standard comic-book narrative route, but some went a new way.  For example, avante garde graffitti artist Damon Scott made full-page murals…

damon scott superman

Mike Allred’s issue was predictably offbeat…

batman a go go

This is a series well worth seeking out–I found a bunch of issues in a dollar bin at BCC, so I don’t think it’s that hard to find.

I’ll leave you with this one….