Steve Gerber.  To see what I had to say about Marvel Tw0-in-One #1, go here.

The first 9 issues of this Thing Team Up comic were absolute joyous Steve Gerber weirdness.  In addition to the child-like Wundarr (what a great character name!), we got some pretty esoteric (at least at the time) characters like Valkyrie, Ghost Rider, and The Guardians of the Galaxy–and a loosely-connected storyline that jumped all over the place.

magic harmonica doctor strange clea

Including a multi-part storyline about a magic harmonica.  And a wonderfully self-conscious Ghost Rider:

ghost rider gerber

If you can find these issues, even in the “essential” black and white reprint form, it’s well worth it–at least if you’ve ever read late 1970s/early 1980s comics and thought “they just don’t do stories like that anymore.”  Because they don’t.  Comics today are much more neo-realistic, and usually self-important.

This was kitsch and camp when it was still cool.