ghost rider

Ghost Rider by Bernie Wrightson

Marvel Spotlight #72, with an August 1972 cover date, hit the stands today. The character was created by Silver Age author Gary Friedrich, with artist Mike Ploog. Friedrich recently sued Marvel for some of the profits from the horrible Ghost Rider movies. Naturally, he lost under well-established work-for-hire principles. The truly sad part, though, is that Disney has countersued him and bankrupted him for illegally marketing his own Ghost Rider materials.

I’m not taking Friedrich’s side here. I understand that when a publisher pays you to create something, they own it. And I understand that he can’t go around capitalizing on the character. But this seems extreme to me. Seems like Marvel/Disney could let the dude make a little money off of being the creator of their intellectual property.

Anyway, you can read it about it lots of places, but a particularly pro-Gary article is here.

And here’s a page from his first appearance:
1st appearance ghost rider