classic doctor strange

How can a comic with a splash page like this be bad?  Answer: It can’t.

In 1972, Steve Englehart, the second weirdest Marvel comics writer of all time teamed up with Frank Brunner for the first Doctor Strange series since Steve Ditko chronicled the Master of Mystic Arts’ exploits years before.  Frank Brunner would become better known for teaming up with the weirdest Marvel comics writer of all time, Steve Gerber, to create Howard the Duck.

clea and doctor strange

The joyfully psychedelic book played over and over with the concept of “magic,” playing against stereotypes and popular myths.  Check out this depiction of The Ancient One:

ancient one card tricks


strange kissing

It was also romantic.

the mindless ones

Englehart’s run lasted 18 issues, with the bulk of it being drawn by Gene Colan, who stayed on after Englehart’s departure and, for many, became the definitive Dr. Strange artist (even more than Steve Ditko).

I haven’t been able to find a color trade that reprints the whole run, but the issues aren’t worth very much and are pretty easy to find.  I picked up #5 at BCC for a buck.