daredevil is a poor man's spider-man

What I like about this splash page is the irony: Gerry Conway’s Daredevil was, pretty much, a poor man’s Spider-Man.

With #119, Gerry left and was replaced by Tony Isabella, with Bob Brown on art.  Lots of people liked Bob Brown.

I’m not one of them.

For about a year, the title was bad.  Really bad.

It was full of gimmicks.  Like, for example, Foggy Nelson joined SHIELD.


I’m not kidding.

With #124, Len Wein–Marvel’s rising star editor at the time–and his best friend Marv Wolfman took over and Gene Colan came back.  But the real star was Klaus Janson, who took over the inking chores and would become the master behind the artists of Daredevil–including Frank Miller.  Wolfman became the sole writer with #125.

The team didn’t really hit its stride, though, until #126.  Marv Wolfman’s run was a slow build, but eventually he produced a series of comics that foreshadowed much of where Miller would take the title.