marvel team up 122 spider-man and man thing

What’s smelly, green and a ton of fun?  Man-Thing!


This issue has everything that makes for a great team up.  It starts with a mysterious first meeting, where the two characters don’t know each other yet, and then is followed by a long drag-out battle between them.  Spider-Man drops Manny off a building, turning him into a swampy blot, and then….


In fact, this issue is a lot like one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all time–and one of the best comic books of all time, period, Amazing Spider-Man #229-230: Nothing Can Stop The Juggernaut.  It’s a few pages of exposition and about 15 pages of Spider-Man trying to stop Man-Thing.


Wonderous 1980s cartoony fun.  Not every issue of Marvel Team-Up was great, and several were rushed hack-jobs.  But every three or four issues you’d get a gem like this.  So I looked forward to this book every week.