Just got caught up on this series.  Here’s a few reasons to like it…

#1 Goran Parlov.

His layouts seem simple enough, but look at this splash page:


It’s a transition from narration to flashback.  It’s cinematic, yet simple.  Parlov previously worked with Ennis on Punisher MAX, which is one of the greatest comic books of the past 100 years.

#2: Characterization.


Garth Ennis develops a little bit of  a reason for Nick Fury’s edge…The character makes so much sense when you think of him as having layers of guilt buried underneath his cold, knowitall exterior.

#3: Dave Johnson’s Covers.


They harken back to the old Steranko days in their retro, artistic James Bondness.

#4: Patriotism and History


The first arc includes a mission during the Cuban Missle Crisis.  Marvel, in its infancy, distinguished itself from the Distinguished Competition by including the “real world.”  New York City instead of Gotham or Metropolis.  This kind of thing takes it further.  It’s been done before, for sure, but rarely this well.