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So far, DD and Amazing Spider-Man are tied.

I’m leaning towards DD, and then doing Amazing when I finish off FF–which will be after Hickman’s run.

Please vote, and if you vote “other” drop a comment suggesting what you think is a better choice!


I’ve been reading every single issue of The Avengers since #1, volume 1.  I “read ahead” for this blog, and I’m now starting to dig into Secret Invasion–and I think I’m done.

I enjoyed Civil War and Secret Invasion, but they’re pretty recent–and it’s at this point that The Avengers gets very fractured.  There’s four or five titles every month, and every event rolls right into the next one.  I think I’m done with them for now.  Maybe in five years or so, when I have some distance, and if I’m still blogging, I’ll pick it back up.

But for now, I’d like to move on.  I have four candidates below, and I can’t choose.  I’m curious about Daredevil because I’ve never read many chunks of that book–and I love the character–but I have a feeling there will be a lot of bad issues there.  But there will also be a lot of great stuff.

The Defenders is another one that is probably a lot better in my adolescent memory than it will be when I actually read it.  I think it might be dated.

I’ve probably already read every issue of Amazing and Peter Parker, but those are probably two of my favorite comics of all time–so it might be fun to read them through again.

Since I can’t decide, I’m asking you guys to pick for me.

I know I don’t have a ton of readers here–but if you’re even just a casual reader, I’d appreciate your vote.

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