(of the comics I’ve reviewed for this site)


Note: A “run” means that a creative team stayed with a title for about a year.  Less than that is a “spurt” not a run, and won’t be included here unless the team really made major changes during the briefer tenure. However, broken runs are acceptable.

Avengers Volume 1
1-35 Stan Lee, Jack Kirby/Don Heck.  Grade: A+
36-104   Roy Thomas/(mostly) John Buscema. Grade: B+
105-150 Steve Englhart/various.  Grade: A
158-177  Jim Shooter/George Perez.  Grade: A+
181-205 Jim Michelinie/various.  Grade: B
227-250 Roger Stern/(mostly) Al Milgrom.  Grade: A+
251-287  Stern/(mostly) J Buscema.  Grade: A
291-300  Walt Simonson/J Buscema.  Grade: B
334-351, 355-375  Harras/(mostly) Steve Epting.  Grade: C
384-399  Harras/various.  Grade: C-
Avengers Volume 1 ended with #402
Avengers Volume 2 (Heroes Reborn)
1-7 Rob Liefeld/Various.  Grade: B
8-12 Walt Simonson/Michael Ryan.  Grade: B+
Avengers Volume 2 ended with #12
Avengers Volume 3
Avengers Volume 3 started with #1, but was subsequently renumbered to fit within Volume 1 numbering
1-34 Kurt Busiek/(mostly) George Perez.  Grade: A-
35-56 Busiek/Various. Grade: B+
57-76 Geoff Johns/Various. Grade: B
77-84 Chuck Austen/Scott Kolins. Grade C
Volume 1 (numbering restarts)
500-504, New Avengers Vol. 1. Brian Michael Bendis/Various. Grade: A

Fantastic Four

Fantastic Four Volume 1

1-102 Stan Lee/Jack Kirby. Grade: A+
107-125 Lee/John Buscema. Grade: B
126-133 Roy Thomas/Buscema. Grade: B
134-152 Gerry Conway/(mostly) Buscema, Rich Buckler. Grade: C
156-169 Thomas/(mostly) Buckler. Grade: B
164-192 (mostly)Thomas, Len Wein, Jim Shooter/(mostly) George Perez. Grade: A
195-216 Marv Wolfman/Keith Pollard, John Byrne. Grade: A-
222-231 Doug Moench/ Bill Sienkiewicz. Grade: B
232-293 John Byrne. Grade: A+
294-302 Roger Stern/(mostly) Buscema. Grade: C+
304-333 Steve Englehart/(mostly) Buscema, Pollard. Grade: B-
334-354 Walt Simonson/Simonson (mostly). Grade: A+
356-414 Tom DeFalco/Paul Ryan (mostly). Grade: C-

Fantastic Four Volume 2
1-12 Brandon Choi, Jim Lee. Grade: Pending.  Grade: B-

Fantastic Four Volume 3
V3 4-32 Claremont/Larroca.  Grade: F
V3 35-44 Jeff Loeb, Rafael Marin (writers)/Carlos Pacheco (writer and art). Grade: Pending
Note: issue 42 double numbers as 471
56-70 (v3)/500-524(v1) Mark Waid/(mostly) Mike Wieringo. Grade: A
527-541 J. Michael Straczynski/Mike McKone. Grade: B+
542-553 Dwayne McDuffie/(mostly) Paul Pelletier. Grade: F
554-568 Mark Millar/Bryan Hitch. Grade: D
570-611 Jonathan Hickman/(mostly) Dale Eaglesham, Steve Epting. Grade: A-