For a while, Batman Inc. seemed to have lost relevance.  The new 52 launched, and it just doesn’t seem to fit in the new DC chronology.  But with the “Death of Robin” story, Grant Morrison reminded me why he is the ONLY Batman writer worth reading.  In a single issue, he paid tribute to everyone from the most dramatic (Miller) to the most silly (above, the 1960s TV Batman) Batmen in history; made a strong case that Dick Grayson was a better Batman than Bruce Wayne; gave an extremely self-conscious–but not distractingly so–polemic against corporate comic books; and showed that his entire ten-plus year Batman story has really been about Damian all along.

Oh my God.  Morrison’s Batman is one of the greatest comic epics ever done.

What else do I love this week?


Journey to Mystery continues to be amazing.  And look!  Kathryn Immonen is writing Hellcat again!